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Friday, January 24th
KC Bier Company
The Company that put the i back in "bier"
Five biers from an American company that only brews German style bier.

Hefe Weizen a Bavarian Style Wheat Ale
Pils a Pilsner Style Golden Lager
Fest Bier a Vienna Style Lager
Winter Bock a Dark Doppelbock Lager
Helles Lager a Munich Style Golden Lager

Last Tasting

Porters & Stouts

This was an interesting group of beers. Both brewers were new to this Bierkeller and both very well rated. Samuel Smith, Tadsbury England, has several top rated Porters and Stouts and a top prices to go with. Deschutes Brewery, Butte Oregon, also a brewer of well respected Porters and Stouts and is also known for it's IPA's
The results of this tasting was a bit of a surprise in that the two beers with the lowest ratings received the highest scores. Deschutes BLACK BUTTE PORTER, rated #13, got a 4.15/5 score and Samuel Smiths OATMEAL STOUT, rated #11, received a score of 4.10/5. The Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout, the #1 rated English Stout, received 3.72/5, still a good number. Several commented that it was too sweet for their taste.

This brings up an interesting question. Would the ratings be the same if we rearranged the order in which they are presented? Does your opinion of the beer you are tasting depend the previous beer you just tasted? Beer Advocate discourages the "flight of five" tasting for that very reason. We do have cheese & crackers, etc. available to use between tasting each beer.

Any way, the overall average was a 3.73/5 which would translate to a "Very Good"

One Stout that was not on this tasting is Deschutes ABYSS (2018). This is an American Imperial Stout, with an AVB of 11% and rated at #36 in it's style. We do have this in stock so If you would like to try it, bring a friend or two, these are 22oz bottles and at $142 per case of 12 it's not a cheap beer. All of the other five are currently in stock also.

Some of the comments received:
"They were all good - depends on what you begin with -
. . . love chololate just not this one so much" (gave it a 4)
"Great Selection"
"Pretty good overall - tastes great."
"Love stouts & porters"
"Great line-up Very good"
"Great selection this month. All bottles I'd buy"
"Great selection of dark beers. I would love to see a selection
of even darker mixed with some ales".

December Tasting Results
Porters & Stouts
Deschutes BLACK BUTTE PORTER 4.15 23% 0%
Samuel Smith TADDY PORTER 3.34 11% 12%
Samuel Smith OATMEAL STOUT 4.10 23% 0%
Deschutes OBSIDIAN STOUT 3.35 8% 6%
Samuel Smith ORGANIC CHOCOLATE STOUT 3.72 19% 6%

What's on Tap
As of November 25, beers on tap include:

Hofbraü Original a Munich Light Lager.
Weihenstephan Festbier an Oktoberfest light amber.
Michelob Amber Bock A German style bock
Busch Light an American light lager.

So what's in the cooler

- Still have a few of the Dunkels from the last tasting. This is probably the last we will see of Weltenbuger Barock Dunkel and Ayinger's Alt Dunkel. These were excelent beers but are not always available. Paulaner Hefeweizen has become our regular wheat beer and Warsteiner Dunkel will become a stock item. Bohemia, a German Pilsner which is brewed across the border is very well like and has also become a regular stock item. Empyrean's Third Stone Brown an English Brown Ale is now back in stock. With IBU's 15-25, this is another very well liked dark beer. Also popular is Köstritzer Schwarzbier a German black bier with low IBU's 20-30, is just recently back in stock. For those of you looking for the light lagers there is Ayinger Jarhundert Bier a Dortmunder Export. Low IBU's 23-29 and a very nice malt flavor, this bier is Rated #2 in it's class. Like Ayinger's Alt Dunkel, this in not a cheap bier at over $70 for 20 half liter bottles. And then there are a few bottles of the Porters & Stouts left from the last tasting.

German Wines in the cooler include two Rieslings, a Gewürtztraminer and Dornfelder which is a sweet red.

Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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