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Saturday, July 20th
Sommerfest in the Courtyard

We will be tasting: Stiegl's Grapefruit Radler,
HofbraŁ Original, Warsteiner Dunkel,
Weihenstephen Hefeweissbier Dunkel,
and Paulaner's Hefe-weizen.

The Wine Tasting will include 3 wines from L. Kreusch.
Zeller Schwarze Katz Mosel, Dornfelder and Blue Bottle Riesling
and one from Starling Castle, a GewŁrztraminer Pfalz

June Tasting Results

Not the turnout we had hoped for but many good comments from those that did attended. Overall these beers were well received as 4 of the 5 received a score of 3 or better out of a possible 5. Their Salted Carmel, a Blonde Ale, came in first with a score of 3.95/5. Their Blood Orange Ale received a 3.29/5 followed by the Country Line Lager with a 3.24/5.
Their Reckless IPA which received a score of only 1.74/5 was disappointment. This beer was very foamy for an IPA and acted like an out-of date beer however the sticker on the can carrier suggested a use-by date of 10/19.
Another disappointment was the Don't Tread On Me ale was substituted for thier MILK STOUT, which we had ordered and was rumored to be very good. At $30 the case, Lazy Horse beers are not cheap .

Thanks go to John Crawford and Elsa McDermott for helping out.

If any of these were your favorite, we still have a few in the cooler.

June Tasting Results
Salted Caramel Blonde Ale 3.95 47% 5%
Blood Orange American Ale 3.29 26% 21%
Country Line Lager 3.24 16% 10%
Don't Tread On Me Bold American Ale 3.11 21% 10%
Reckless India Pale Ale 1.74 0% 53%

What's on Tap
As of July 12th, beers on tap include:

HobraŁ Original a Munich Light Lager.
Weihenstephan Hefewissebier Dunkel a well liked dark wheat beer
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler a shandy from Austria.
Michalob Amber Bock A German style bock.
Busch Light an American adjunct light lager.

In the case we have Stiegl's Lemon Radler, Erdinger's Weissbier and Bohemia , a very nice German Style Pilsner.

Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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