Next Tasting, Friday, April 13th
BOCKFEST 3:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. in the COURTYARD
The German tradition of poking your beer with a hot iron which caramelizes the sugars imparting a new taste.
We will be poking Warsteiner Dunkel and Amber Bock in the courtyard unless it rains, then inside.
If you don't like plastic, you are welcome to bring your own mug.

March Tasting Results

The turnout this time, 24, was better than last months bitter cold 15 and we thank those that did make the effort. We'er wondering how many did not make it because their vehicle wasn't sea worthy.

The five biers for this tasting came from Cosmic Eye Brewing of Lincoln NE. This is a new brewery and so far these are the only brews they have that are not in kegs. The styles included a Mild Ale, a Black Lager and 3 IPA's. As a group the average score for the 5 was 3.18. While not as good the 4.0 and 3.79 for the previous two tasting, we still received many good comments. Interesting but not surprising, the Mild Ale and Black Lager earned average scores of 3.65 and 3.75 while the average scores for the IPA's were all just below a 3. It would be nice if Cosmic Eye would provide the IBU's (International Bitterness Units) for their beers.

If any of these were your favorite, we still have a few in the cooler.
If you like dark beers, we have a nice Dunkel and a couple of Doppelbocks

March Tasting Results
Everything Has Eyes Post-Hase IPA 2.95 15% 10%
Unlock the Time Dragon IPA 2.75 15% 40%
Gaze of the Basilisk Black Lager 3.75 15% 0%
Round & Round Mild Ale 3.65 12% 5%
Lazer Quest 2.0 Rose IPA 2.80 4% 10%

What's on Tap
As of March 17th, beers on tap include:

Hacker-Pschorr, Munich Gold a Munich Light Lager.
Weihenstephan Hefewissebier Dunkel a well liked dark wheat beer
Michalob Amber Bock A German style bock.
Busch Light an American adjunct light lager.

It is worth noting that the Weihenstephan Hefewissebier Dunkel took the Silver Medal at the 2018 European Beer Star tasting and the Bronze Medal at the World Beer Awards

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