Next Tasting, Friday, March 15th
So what's in your glass come the next tasting.?
These will be five beers from COSMIC EYE BREWING, Lincoln, NE. Beers will include an IPA, an American Pale Ale, an English Mild Ale, a Schwarzbier and for now a mystery beer that had two descriptions, one as an IPA, the other as an American Pale Ale. Guess we'll see what shows up.
Anyway we have heard some good things about their beers, so here is a chance to find out for yourself.

February Tasting Results

Thanks to the weather and I understand some other events going on, only 15 braved the cold.

These were five very good biers from breweries started by Germans in countries other than Germany or the US. The styles included two Euro light lagers, Kronnenbourgs 1664 from France, Zywiec from Poland, two pilsners, Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic and Boemia from Mexico and a Vienna Dark Lager, Modelo Negra also from Mexico.

1664 came out on top with Bohemia second. Zywiec and Modelo Negra were not far behind, tied for third. Interesting that Pilsner Urquell, the original and first ever pilsner came in last. It was the only bier that did not get a "5" and the only bier that received a "1" but still had an average score of 3.13 which is very good. This beer probably had the highest IBU rating if we knew what they were, which would explain why it came in last. It was too hopie for some and not hopie enough for the IPA lovers.

With an overall score of 3.79, these were all very good beers. The two beers from Mexico are the two top rated rated beers from that country.

If any of these were your favorite, we still have a few in the cooler.
If you like dark beers, we have a nice Dunkel and a couple of Doppelbocks
and maybe one Oktoberfest beer in the cooler.

February Tasting Results
German beers brewed Elsewhere.

FRANCE Kronnenbourg 1664 4.13 28% 0%
POLAND ZYWIEC 3.87 24%0%
CZECH REPUBLIC Pilsner Urquell 3.13 0% 7%
MEXICO Bohemia Pilsner 3.93 24% 0%
MEXICO Modelo Negra 3.87 20% 0%

What's on Tap
As of February 20th, beers on tap include:

Hacker-Pschorr, Munich Gold a Munich Light Lager.
Weihenstephan Hefewissebier Dunkel a well liked dark wheat beer
Michalob Amber Bock A German style bock.
Busch Light an American adjunct light lager.

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