Please note: "Clean out the Cooler" ends
Satuday Dec. 1st .

What's left?? Mostly IPA's, Porters and Stouts.
Price is one dollar each or six for five. You pick'em.
Limited to Liederkranz Members and Stock on hand.

Next Tasting, Friday, December 14th
So what's in your glass come the next tasting.?
The December tasting will stay with the winter theme, a style known as
Dark Brown Ales of which there are four individual styes.

German Altbier i.e. Zipline Brewing Co's Copper Alt, a GABF gold medal winner.

English Brown Ale i.e. Empyrean Brewing Third Stone Brown

English Dark Mild Ale Found one but it was not available in this area.

American Brown Ale here we find three very well rated by the Beer Advocate.

Bell's Brewery Best Brown Ale
Big Sky Brewing Co's Moose Drool Brown Ale
Rogue Ales Hazelnut Brown Nectar a 2018 Platinum World Cup Winner

So what hppened to the idea of German style beers from breweries ourside of Germany that were started by German brewers that are still using original recipies. One such is Bohema from Mexico and we do know of others. Unforunately they are not available through the sources that are available to us.

What's on Tap
As of November 28, beers on tap include:

Hacker-Pschorr, Munich Gold a Munich Light Lager.
Weihenstephan Hefewissebier Dunkel a well liked dark wheat beer
Michalob Amber Bock A German style bock.
Busch Light an American adjunct light lager.
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler Yes there may still be some left in the cooler.

November Tasting Results
This was a tasting of four Dopplebocks and a Schwarzbier. Why a Schwarzbier?? Because the fifth Dopplebock we wanted was out-of-stock.

Novembert Tasting Results Dopplebocks and a schwarzbier.

Köstrirzer Schwarzbier 4.4565%3%
Weihenstephan Korbinian 3.79 31%0%
Paulaner Salvator 3.21 19% 7%
Andechser Dopplebock dunkel 3.00 11% 10%
Ayinger Celebrator 3.31 15% 7%

If any of these were your favorite, we still have a few in the cooler.
As well few of the Oktoberfect beers, but very few.

Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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