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Friday, July 16th
A Blind Tasting of
American Light Lagers
Yes this one is for you "light beer" drinkers, you know Bud Light, Miller LIte, Coors Light etc.
However, this will be a Blind Tasting. You will be asked to rate each of 5 un-marked beers and try to identify the brewer. All we will say for now is that all 5 are available locally and have recieved a Beer Advocate score of 50 or better.
We might even come up with a prize for anyone who can identify all five brews.

Results of the Last Tasting

Pilsners, Kellerbier & Helles Lager

A better than expected turn out and again some verry good comments. In going through the score sheet, almost everyone found brew that they liked. Some found as many as five brews that they liked. We also received good comments on the Appetizers and need to say "Thank You" to Ida & Matt Stüeven for providing those.

Some of the comments received:
"I'm not a fan of Pisner's hoppy bitter taste but a couple of these were pretty good"
"Hey! was easy tonight" (gave all 5's)
re: For Pilsner Urquell "Great Flavor and Finish" to "Too Bitter" & "Tasted like sour milk"
re: For Gervensteiner "Really, really smooth", "Best out of 5", "My favoite beer by far" to "Too Bitter"
"I prefer darker beers but these were very good"
"I did this for fun with my son. I'm not a beer drinker but they were good"
"Good selection - prefer the lighter beers"

May Tasting Results
Pilsners, Kellerbier & Helles Lager
WarsteinerPerm. Pilsner 4.15 58% 6%
BitburgerPrem. Pilsner 3.26 30%15%
Pilsner UrquellPilsner- Czech 2.76 20% 30%
SpatenHelles Lager 3.97 38% 0%
GrevensteinerKellerbier 3.9442% 9%

What's on Draught
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel ABV: 4.9%
Style: Munich Dunkel Lager

Hofbräu Original ABV: 5.1%
Style: Helles Lager,

Pilsner Urquell ABV: 4.4%
Style: Pilsner/Bohemian/Czech,

Zipline Copper Alt ABV: 5.2%
Style: German Alt Bier, 2019 U.S.OPEN Bronze Medal

Busch Light ABV: 4.1%
Style: American Light Lager

What's in the Cooler
You may notice that some of our regular stock beers are missing. Several have been on back order for over three weeks, but we have been promised that they will again be available. We still have a few beer's left from the previous tasting but not all. Many were very well liked and as of now, no longer listed on our distributors inventory. Enjoy them while they are here.
Current stock (6-20-21) includes the following:

-------------------Light Ales, Lagers & Pilsners---------------- 
Spaten Premium Helles Lager
Grevensteiner Original Kellerbier / Zwickebier
Warsteiner Premium Pilsner a top selling beer in Germany.
Bitburger Pils . . Germany's top selling Pilsner.
Andechser Hell ** . . The No.5 rated German Helles (light) Lager.---------->
FRÜH Kölsch **. . . The Kölsch from Köln, an ale that every one tries to copy.
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier . .the No.12 rated wheat beer
Kloster Andechser Weissbier Hell the No.5 rated wheat bier.
------------------Dunkels & Doppelbocks-----------------------
Warsteiner Dunkel . . a stock item and the top selling dunkel in Germany
Paulaner Salvator DB . . The No.25 rated German Doppelbock
-----------------Amber / Marzen Biers ----------------------------------
Weltenberger Anno 1050** . . a Marzen Lager that celebrates their anniversary year
Ottakringer Vienna Lager an amber bier that is from Vienna
------------------Porters, Stouts, Dark beer & Brown Ale---------------------------
Surly Coffee Bender A Brown Ale steeped in Guatamlian coffee beans
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale An award winning Brown Ale
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter The #4 rated English Porter
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale The No. 2 Rated English Brown Ale
Deschuets Obsidian Stout 2020 U.S. Open, Silver medal winner.
Empyrean's Third Stone Brown . . an English Brown Ale with low IBU's
Köstritzer Schwarzbier . . a German black bier with low IBU's 20-30
------------------ Fruit beer and IPA's---------------------------
Goose Island Lemon Shandy accused of being too lemony??
Stiegl Grapefruit Radle **r . . Now in half ltr cans
Ax Man IPA ** . . the No.2 rated American IPA from Surly Brewing
---------------------- N/A Beers.---------------------------
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Original (taste of a real Pilsner)
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Grapefruit.(if you like Stiegl, you'll like this)
O'Doule's Amber
** these are half ltr cans/bottles.

And then there are a few bottles of German Wines in the cooler:
Two Rieslings, a Gewürtztraminer and Dornfelder which is a sweet red and there are a few wines left from the NISSEN WINERY tasting that were very well liked
Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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