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Bier Tasting March 19th 5:30-7:00
The March event will be a "Bockfest" assuming that the virus and weather cooperate. We know doppelbock leftovers are great for "Bier Poking". And right now, finding a keg of Asam-Bock, our favorite poking bier, is questionable. However we note that biers from Paulaner and Hofbraü are now back is stock. Many of our favorites are still missing from our distributors inventorys.

What's on Draught

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel ABV: 4.9% BA: 3.52
Style: Munich Dunkel Lager, Rated: #172

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel ABV: 5.5% BA: 4.27
Style: Dunkelweizen, Rated #1

Hofbräu Original ABV: 5.1% BA:3.83 (out of stock)
Style: Helles Lager, Rated #38

Busch Light ABV: 4.1% BA: 1.80
Style: Light Lager, Rated #258

All of the above are available for carry-out in growlers.

What's in the Cooler
You may notice that some of our regular stock beers are missing. Several have been on back order for over three weeks, but we have been promised that they will again be available. We still have a few beer's left from the previous tasting but not all. Many were very well liked and most are, as of now at least, no longer listed on our distributors inventory. Enjoy them while their here.

Current stock (2-20-21) includes the following:

-------------------Light Lagers & Pilsners----------------
Grain Belt Premium an American Adjunct Lager with a low IBU
Bohemia . . a German style Pilsner which is brewed across the border.
Bitburger Pils . . Germany's top selling Pilsner.
Andechser Vollbier Hell** . . The No.5 rated German Helles (light) Lager.
Kulmbacher Edelherb Pilsner Edelherb is an original recipe pils.
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier . .the No.12 rated wheat beer
Hofbraü München Weissebier . . . a wheat beer from Hofbräu München
------------------Dunkels & Doppelbocks-----------------------
Weltenbuger Barock Dunkel . . The No.6 rated Dunkel since year 1050.
Ayinger Altbairish Dunkel . . . .a good example of the first dunkel styles.
Weltenbuger Asam Bock DB ** . . . . the No. 9 rated Doppel Bock
Warsteiner Dunkel . . a stock item and the top selling dunkel in Germany
Ayinger Celebrator DB . . The No.1 rated German Doppelbock (only a few left)
Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock . . this a seasonal May bock paler and more hop-centric
Weihenstephener Korbinian** . . The No.4 rated German Doppelbock
Paulaner Salvator DB . . The No.25 rated German Doppelbock
-----------------Amber / Marzen Biers ----------------------------------
Weltenberger Anno 1050 . . a Marzen Lager that celebrates their anniversary year
Ottakringer Vienna Lager an amber bier that is from Vienna
------------------Other Special Beers.---------------------------
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler . . Now in half ltr cans
Empyrean's Third Stone Brown . . an English Brown Ale with low IBU's
Köstritzer Schwarzbier . . a German black bier with low IBU's 20-30
Ax Man IPA ** . . the No.2 rated American IPA from Surly Brewing
Hopslam Ale . . A No.12 rated Imperial IPA from Bells Brewing
---------------------- N/A Beers.---------------------------
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Original (taste of a real Pilsner)
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Grapefruit.(if you like Stiegl, you'll like this)
** these are half ltr bottles.

And then there are a few bottles of German Wines in the cooler:
Two Rieslings, a Gewürtztraminer and Dornfelder which is a sweet red and there are a few wines left from the NISSEN WINERY tasting that were very well liked

Results of the Last Tasting

Doppelbocks & a Bock

Again, this was a very nice turn-out and better than expected thanks to temperatures above zero. Overall there were many good comments and a few tasters di take the time to include comments which we verry much appreciate. Thank You. As expected, Ayinger's Celebrator came out on top with 4.14 average score followed Weltenburger's Asam Bock and Weihenstephen's Korbinian, 3.65 & 3.64. Paulaner's Salvator and Michelob Amber Bock ended up tied for third place.
Hey! We still have a few in the cooler from the pervious Tasting. Enjoy now, these won't last long.

February Tasting Results
Doppelbocks and a Bock.
MichelobAmber Bock 3.35 23% 9%
WeihenstephenKorbinian 3.64 23%0%
PaulanerSalvaor 3.35 23% 17%
Weltenburger Asam Bock DB 3.65 27% 4%
AyingerCelebrator 4.1438% 9%

German Draught Bier Carry-Out

Got a Growler-We Got Bier
We have one if you don't
Any of our current draught beers are available. The price to fill a 2 ltr growler will be $15 to $20 depending on the beer.

Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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