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Friday, April 16th
Looking for Summer Brews

Will be looking for what's available as well as what we have in the cooler. As of April 2, brews from Andeckser, Klumbacker & Weltenburger are not available. According to the email from the distributor, transportation has become a major problem, both from Europe and within the US. We do have few possibles in the cooler: Fruh (Kölsch), Ottakringer (Vienna Lager), Grevensteiner Org, (keller bier) and Steigl (GF Raddler). Still looking for a 5th Warstein Dunkel is again on tap.

Saturday, April 24th 3 - 7pm
$10 Admission includes first beer. Food available for purchase.
That's where you poke your suds with a hot iron to get more suds.
Actually it carmalizes the sugers making the beer sweeter.
Warstein Dunkel is again available in kegs and we have a few of the Stouts and Porters left from the March 19th tasting that could be very interesting.

Please note that BOCKFEST is an outdoor event and we do need volunteers. This is a chance for BierKlub members to earn a few more points to get their stein. Think setup, cleanup, haul beer, cook brats, serve, tend bar, mind the fire pit, etc.

What's on Draught
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel ABV: 4.9% BA: 3.52
Style: Munich Dunkel Lager, Rated: #172

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel ABV: 5.5% BA: 4.27
Style: Dunkelweizen, Rated #1

Hofbräu Original ABV: 5.1% BA:3.83
Style: Helles Lager, Rated #38

Busch Light ABV: 4.1% BA: 1.80
Style: Light Lager, Rated #258

All of the above are available for carry-out in growlers.

What's in the Cooler
You may notice that some of our regular stock beers are missing. Several have been on back order for over three weeks, but we have been promised that they will again be available. We still have a few beer's left from the previous tasting but not all. Many were very well liked and most are, as of now at least, no longer listed on our distributors inventory. Enjoy them while their here.
Current stock (3-15-21) includes the following:

-------------------Light Lagers & Pilsners----------------
Grain Belt Premium an American Adjunct Lager with a low IBU
Bohemia . . a German style Pilsner which is brewed across the border.
Bitburger Pils . . Germany's top selling Pilsner.
FRÜH Kölsch. . . The Kölsch from Köln that every one else tries to copy.
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier . .the No.12 rated wheat beer
------------------Dunkels & Doppelbocks-----------------------
Weltenbuger Barock Dunkel . . The No.6 rated Dunkel since year 1050.
Warsteiner Dunkel . . a stock item and the top selling dunkel in Germany
Ayinger Celebrator DB . . The No.1 rated German Doppelbock (only a few left)
Weihenstephener Korbinian** . . The No.4 rated German Doppelbock
Paulaner Salvator DB . . The No.25 rated German Doppelbock
-----------------Amber / Marzen Biers ----------------------------------
Weltenberger Anno 1050 . . a Marzen Lager that celebrates their anniversary year
Ottakringer Vienna Lager an amber bier that is from Vienna
------------------Porters, Stouts & Dark beer---------------------------
Deschuets Black Butte Porter The #13 rated American Porter
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter The #4 rated English Porter
Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout The #1 rated Chocolate Stout
Deschuets Obsidian Stout 2020 Silver medal winner.
Empyrean's Third Stone Brown . . an English Brown Ale with low IBU's
Köstritzer Schwarzbier . . a German black bier with low IBU's 20-30
------------------ Fruit beer and IPA's---------------------------
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler . . Now in half ltr cans
Ax Man IPA ** . . the No.2 rated American IPA from Surly Brewing
Hopslam Ale . . A No.12 rated Imperial IPA from Bells Brewing
---------------------- N/A Beers.---------------------------
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Original (taste of a real Pilsner)
Clausthaler N/A . . . .Grapefruit.(if you like Stiegl, you'll like this)
** these are half ltr bottles.

And then there are a few bottles of German Wines in the cooler:
Two Rieslings, a Gewürtztraminer and Dornfelder which is a sweet red and there are a few wines left from the NISSEN WINERY tasting that were very well liked

Results of the Last Tasting

Porters & Stouts

Again, this was a very nice turn-out. Porters and Stout are really considered late fall and winter brews.. Complex, very dark beers with many flavors. These are beers to be savored and enjoyed. We note that the recommended glass ware for The Abyss Imperial Stout is a snifter. We should also point out that most of these beers are better at room temp than cold. Many have commented on the change in flavor as the beer got warmer.
Of the five beers the Chocolate Stout from Samuel Smith was the best liked with over a third of the tasters giving it a 5. Note far behind was Deschutes Black Butte Porter which has the least bitternes (IBUs) of the five beers. We have noted that as bitternes units go up, ratings go down. As a group our tasters are not big fans of the IPA.
We'll let the comments tell the rest of the story, If you liked any of these, we still have a few in the cooler.

Some of the comments received:
"Great selection, really enjoyed them all "
"Best Imperial I've ever had'"
"This is my favorite ever!! I love porter & stouts!"
"Thanks for introducing us to some good beer"
"None of them I would go out and buy."

March Tasting Results
Porters & Stouts
DeschutesBlack Butte Porter 3.68 23% 9%
Samuel SmithTaddy Porter 3.05 0%0%
Samuel SmithChocolate Stout 3.82 36% 5%
Deschutes Obsidian Stout 2.71 5% 14%
DeschutesThe Abyss Imperial Stout 2.9518% 0%
Deschutes Brewery of Bend Oregon is the 2020 Grand National Champion, winning three gold and two silver medals. Deschute is the the first three-time winner in the U. S. Open Beer Championship's 12 year history. The Obsidian Stout was one of the Silver medal winners.

German Draught Bier Carry-Out
Got a Growler-We Got Bier
We have one if you don't
Any of our current draught beers are available. The price to fill a 2 ltr growler will be $15 to $20 depending on the beer.

Because Life's too Short to drink Cheap Beer

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