From the Omaha World-Herald, dated November 9, 1902:

Liederkranz Anniversary

Special Dispatch to the World-Herald
Grand Island, Neb., Nov. 8 - The members of the Liederkranz society celebrated the thirty-second anniversary of the organization of the same at their hall last evening and several hundred people, young and old, participated in the affair. The Liederkranz Maennerchor, composed of sixteen voices, opened the exercises, after which President August Meyer read an address congratulation the society upon its success, upon the retention of the principles and purposes for which it was founded and its careful management. The address was followed by several other renditions by the Maennerchor, one of them being a fest song, rendered at the West Point Nebraska Saenger Bund fest, after which was participated in by about a hundred people, ranging in age from 85 years to 15. The society owns it own hall, situated on a block of the best real estate in the city, worth at least $10,000 and has very little indebtedness. Among the singers, Theodore Bernstein was counted as one, having sung at twenty-nine successive anniversaries.

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