From the Omaha World-Herald, dated October 8, 1894:

A Flattering Success For Those Who Took Part

The concert given at the Germania hall last night by the Omaha Liederkranz and Sangerbund and the Columbus Mannerchor was a great success.

The clubs were assisted by Mr. Hans Albert, violinist; Mr. Joseph Gahm, pianist, and the First Infantry Regiment band, Nebraska National Guard, under Mr. Herman Shunke.

Mr. Charles Petersen conducted the Omaha organizations and Mr. E. Pohl the Columbus society.

The hall was filled to overflowing by an enthusiastic audience and many were compelled to stand up during the concert. The only thing which really deserved criticism was the audience. Several numbers were marred by the constant talk and chatter which went on, particularly at the approaches to the galleries and at the door downstairs.

Of the singing societies, the Columbus "Chor" was very enthusiastically received and did excellent work under their magnetic conductor. The Omaha people fully sustained their good reputation, and lack of space alone prevents special notice of each number. One that deserves special mention was "Die Geisterschlacht" by the "Chor" and orchestra.

The orchestra under Mr. Shunke was excellent, and showed very careful and thorough training. The phrasing was clean, the color well varied and the responses to the conductor thoroughly prompt and vigorous.

Mr. Albert played with his usual display of talent. Seldom, however, has the "Serenade" of Schubert been better played than it was last night. All of his work was marked by well developed technique, good tone and careful interpretation.

Mr. Gahm gave to each of his numbers a masterly interpretation, and perhaps especially to te Andantecon Varitione sonata of Beethoven. In this his technique was finely shown, and his playing was marked bfy the presence of much sentiment.

The concert should be very satisfactory to all concerned in it.

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